Last night, Breaking Bad fans were rewarded for six years of loyal fandom with a definitive ending; a nice big explanation point. It was an ending that actually ended things; the writers were apparently determined not to leave unfinished business. Every loose end was tied -- unlike with shows from recent memory, including Lost and The Sopranos, and least of all like what happens in recruiting.

How satisfying would it be to leave your office every night – or at least, at the end of every week – with that same sense of finality? Does your day ever feel like it’s wrapped up and tied off with a flourish? You’re packing a rigged machine gun that mows down job orders in minutes, right?

No? Well, here’s what my recruiter life would look like at the end of the day if Breaking Bad writers had it their way:

  • I would finally put out a decent job description for that SSRS req that actually tells candidates what the job is about instead of the previous half-assed melange of tech jargon and spineless corporate jingoism I wrote first time around.
  • The four perfect candidates that I spent an hour searching through Stack Exchange for, I’d actually get around to writing them an intro note.
  • I’d actually sit down with the hiring manager who we’ve let down with five time-waste candidates in a row and figure out what we’re doing wrong.

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