I want to make a special mention of Cory Hintz of Tempworks and all he has done to further our paperless initiatives and the incredible innovation of our developers in 2008.  Here is a recent press release underlining his work:

TempWorks Software, a Twin-Cities based provider of staffing and recruiting software, announced today the unveiling of major updates to its DocCenter and WebCenter products. DocCenter allows applicants to electronically complete and sign documents at a kiosk, shortening the on-boarding process, eliminating paper, and saving recruiters valuable time.

New WebCenter features will allow electronic access to W2’s, saving WebCenter users’ several dollars per employee on year-end expenses. “The four organizations that have placed orders for the DocCenter and WebCenter during the past month seem very excited,” indicated Cory Hintz, COO of TempWorks.

“The latest installments of these modules are easier and less expensive to deploy than their predecessors. They organize strategic documents and make them immediately accessible from the service rep’s desk and not in a file cabinet collecting dust.”

“Our mission has always been to help our customers reduce costs by using our software,” states TempWorks CEO Gregg Dourgarian. “These corporations spend easily avoidable sums annually on end of year forms, postage and labor. By using the Employee portal of our WebCenter, our customers save time printing, reprinting and answering questions regarding year-end documents. These technologies save ninety percent of the potential expense of dealing with ADP or Paychex, and over fifty percent of the expense associated with year-end processing using traditional back office staffing software,” continues Dourgarian.

TempWorks development staff claim that these initiatives are only the beginning of a series of cost-saving product releases that await the staffing industry in 2009. “Whether paper timecards, background checks or job board interactions, TempWorks intends to leverage staffing software to remove inefficiency and paper processes wherever they may exist amongst our customer base,” concludes TempWorks President David Dourgarian.

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