TempWorks Software, the leading provider of technology solutions to the recruiting and staffing industry, proudly announces the expansion of their software and services to extend beyond the staffing industry.

Michael Linton, Vice President of Strategic Development of ODW Logistics and President of Staffing Leadership Group (SLG), plans to leverage Tempworks RPO to provide recruitment outsourcing to other third party logistics providers, as well as to pay and manage internal employees.

"I believe that TempWorks Select takes smaller staffing organizations to a whole new level, and that the product is ideal for organizations who wish to limit their upfront software investment", remarked Linton. "I am excited to see the benefits that ODW and other SLG clients will reap from using TempWorks", continues Linton.

Before joining ODW, Linton served as CEO of Adecco USA. He moved on to start current TempWorks customer Staffing Leadership Group LLC in Columbus, OH.

Linton selected TempWorks as the operating platform for Staffing Leadership Group affiliates after an exhaustive search of major staffing software packages. "As a result of significant research of over 20 staffing software packages, we decided that TempWorks was the best software package to use, and recommend to my clients. After years of use, I am still confident in the product and the level of service delivered to my clients", remarks Linton.

TempWorks Executive Vice President Mark Baratto comments, "We are thrilled to touch yet another new market for TempWorks, and especially gratified that a long-term loyal customer has created the opportunity."

Although TempWorks has focused primarily on doing business with temporary staffing organizations over the past twenty years, the organization has broadened its customer base recently to include marketing and promotions organization RedPeg Marketing and workforce management consultancy WorkforceLogic. "I'm excited about the challenges that this new industry will bring to our organization and about the opportunity to deliver unparalleled value to a new customer," concludes TempWorks President David Dourgarian.

About TempWorks Software

Founded in 1997, TempWorks provides a full suite of enterprise staffing solutions. Designed to automate and streamline all facets of a staffing firm's daily operation, TempWorks Software offers fully integrated front and back-office staffing software, web portals for customers, employees, applicants and vendor managementpayroll funding and many additional modules. From recruiting to payroll and everything in between, TempWorks Software puts technology to work for staffing firms and their clients. For more information about TempWorks, please visit tempworks.com.

About ODW Logistics

ODW provides unparalleled distribution, fulfillment, import logistics, yard management, and automotive support services. Their customers are often manufacturers that ship goods from factories and ocean ports to ODW warehouses. They have proven themselves as best of breed organization, with over 700 employees and more than three million square feet of warehouse space. They recently completed an acquisition that will expand their reach to Southern California. For more information about ODW Logistics, please visit odwlogistics.com or contact at 614-497-1660.

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