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October 20, 2009 (Eagan, MN)

Enterprise software company Tempworks introduces web 2.0 based social media suite that integrates the best of lead generation, web analytics, CRM, Twitter, email marketing and content management systems.  The suite has underscored success both for Tempworks and key clients.

In 2007 Tempworks Software CEO Gregg Dourgarian saw rapid changes in how buyers were making decisions.   Trade show booths and industry journal ads were becoming less effective each year.  Telemarketing, cold-calling and direct mail were suffering the same fate.

“The writing was on the wall.  Interruptive selling no longer worked,” says Dourgarian.  “Prospects didn’t want to listen when sales wanted to talk.  And sales didn’t know when prospects were ready to talk.”

Now instead of cold calling, the sales staff wakes up each morning with a stack of sales ready leads harvested off of the Social Media Suite.

In response, Tempworks deployed various web 2.0 lead generation techniques and quietly built its own suite of tools.  “The results astounded me,” says Dourgarian.  “New business poured in, our implementation schedule got booked out to mid-2010, and now we’re using those same tools to drive recruitment.”

Too Good Not to Share with Clients

After honing the tools internally, Tempworks began shaping them into an offering called the Social Media Suite.  “We had to take this to our customers.  Sharing is in our DNA.”

The Social Mediate Suite includes:

  • Social CRM.  Social CRM integrates social media into the core Tempworks end-user applications.  Social CRM includes powerful Twitter, Facebook and email marketing features that make social media a first class citizen of Tempworks flagship Enterprise application.
  • Web2Lead.  Web2Lead allows sales people to monitor website visitors real-time and plan sales activities accordingly.  Instead of spending their day making interruptive sales calls, sales professionals can identify sales ready prospects and provide instant, consultative support.
  • Content Management System (CMS). CMS allows organizations to dynamically manage its website without ongoing IT involvement.  Each practice area can have control over its own content.  CMS integrates the best practices of web 2.0 tactics including search engine optimization, landing page templates, and CRM system integration.
  • LandingPageMaster.  LandingPageMaster gets visitors to raise their hands, identify themselves and to announce their needs.  Combining elements of web design with carefully prepared pay-per-click and search engine optimization programs, LandingPageMaster drives buyers and candidates in large numbers to the appropriate web pages and makes their visits worthwhile, reducing bounce rates and maximizing conversions.
  • Mobile Analytics.   Think dollars pouring out of your Iphone.  Mobile Analytics allows real-time querying of prospect activity.  On the way to visit a client?  See what pages of your website they’ve been visiting before you get there.


Already one Tempworks client, Dantemps has taken components to drive tremendous growth during the last 12 months.   According to Dantemps CEO Jarrod Daniel “We implemented Tempworks Software in October of 2006 […] As a result, Dan Temps' new friends have been transformed into new employees and clients, allowing the company to grow and expand at a time when most competitors are struggling.”

Unlike the many individual web 2.0 lead generation packages out there, Tempworks integrates all the components into a seamless offering.  “There are great tools out there like Google Analytics that allow you to do charts and other summary reporting on your web visitors,” says Dourgarian.  “But they don’t identify who those visitors are, don’t lead you with a single click from web visit to contact record like Tempworks.”

Staffing professionals uniquely straddle the universe of hiring organization and job candidate, and that makes it all the more critical that they embrace social media as core DNA.  Tempworks Social Media Suite makes that possible.


Although top sales professionals have long since realized that interruptive sales tactics don’t work, their organizations still don’t get it – in part because they lacked enterprise social networking tools.

Into this void steps Tempworks, a Social CRM built around a mature enterprise information system with a proven track record of generating leads, nurturing them and creating the trust necessary to close the deal.

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