As Staffing Talk recently reported, cocktail parties are all the rage in the recruiting world. So why would a staffing convention be any exception?

At this year’s ASA Staffing World convention in Orlando, Tempworks will again be hosting a lively cocktail reception that’s free for all attendees. Current customers and curiosity-seekers alike will have the opportunity to rub elbows with each other at Siro Urban Italian Kitchen, the contemporary restaurant on the lobby level of the Marriott World Center, where the conference is taking place. With its warm Italian vibe, Siro will set the scene for mingling and free-drink-sipping. You’ll want to take advantage of the hand-crafted specialty cocktails, extensive by-the-glass wine list, appetizer buffet, and waiter-passed hors d’oeuvres. Guests will have free reign of the entire restaurant, including the outdoor patio – it’s balmy Orlando, after all.

“What was really nice about the cocktail party was it gave us the chance to interact with Tempworks leadership in a more informal way,” said Lee Whetstone, president of Future Staff Staffing Services. “We got to know them better and we got to learn about what’s important to them and where they see the company going.”

When Whetstone attended last year's reception in Las Vegas, he wasn't yet a client. Two weeks

after learning about the software in that informal environment, he signed a new contract with Tempworks. What better way is there to learn about the benefits and innovation of the software than from the people who use it to run their daily operation? (And from the people who created the software?) And what better way for us to thank our new and long-standing customers?

The place will be packed all night long – all you need to do is show up on Tuesday, October 8th between 7 and 9:30 pm.


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