When we first delivered our staffing software to Manpower in the 1990s I labored under the misconception that we were all done building the software.  

Some 18 years later, I’m realizing that we’ve only just begin, and that our needs for office space needs just keep on growing.

Going on our 13th year at 3140 Neil Armstrong in Eagan, Minnesota, we recently concluded an agreement with the Dart Group for a major expansion. 

The new space will give us ample opportunity to continue growing our payroll funding, mobile software and web marketing businesses. 

The space includes a major chunk of offices that belonged to the county technical training institute, so we’ll now be able to more aggressively build our training business as well.

I’d like to thank our landlord, Gary Santoorjian, who has been a great partner to TempWorks over the years.  It’s not always easy sharing a common facility with a bunch of unrelated businesses, but Gary has always been there to support us and keep top maintenance staff onsite.

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