1095-C Printing and 1094-C Filing with TempWorks in 2015

TempWorks is happy to announce the printing and filling services of form 1094-C and 1095-C. 

Tax year 2015 is the first year most employers are required to not only print and mail a copy of form 1095-C to their full time employees, but also electronically file a summary of that information with the IRS through form 1094-C.  TempWorks has put together a solution to handle both of these employment requirements.

Pricing for the printing and filing of Forms 1094-C and 1095-C per ALE-G will be as follows:

$3.50 per 1095-C for the first 1,000; plus

$2.50 for every 1095-C printed between 1001 and 4000; plus

$2.00 for every 1095-C printed between 4001 and 7000; plus

$1.00 for every 1095-C printed over 7000

Please note: Pricing does not include the cost of Postage and all 1095-C's will be mailed directly to your employees from our processing center in Eagan, MN.