Transactions like Monday’s announcement of Iowa’s PeopleWorks Staffing acquiring Nebraska’s Work-a-While happen every day in the staffing industry, but there’s a few details that make this deal particularly unique. For one, it involves a third-generation staffer buying his grandfather’s old firm. For another, the impetus for the deal came from PeopleWorks’ software provider, who supplied the financial backing for the acquisition to take place and simultaneously launched the newest client offering in its multi-faceted arsenal.

Justin Gobel had been in staffing for over a decade before he decided to start PeopleWorks with his wife, Leanna. When People 2.0 fell short of providing all the services they needed for their new business, they turned to TempWorks.

“You guys are my one-stop shop, from funding and employer of record to website design and your Enterprise software. And soon we’ll be using Doc Center and TWMobile, too.” Justin said. “It’s nice to have TempWorks to lean on.”

As PeopleWorks enjoyed nearly instantaneous success in Des Moines, Justin said they were actively looking for an expansion opportunity. Throughout that time Justin was working with TempWorks CEO David Dourgarian, and from their interactions TempWorks’ acquisition financing would be born.

“We’re all about listening to our clients’ needs,” David said. “When they said they needed better websites, we launched our web design services. When they wanted our software remotely, we made a mobile app. The same goes for timecards, W2s, payroll, etc. I could repeat this over and over naming nearly everything we do. The point is, when our clients need a service done, and done well, we want to be the ones they turn to. And offering acquisition financing is just another thing they can count on us for.”

It’s true that PeopleWorks acquisition of Work-a-While on Feb. 4 is the first done through TempWorks, but there’s even more historic precedent to this merger. Part of what led Justin to expand to the Lincoln firm is that it was started 39 years ago by his grandfather (and a partner).

“We mostly do light industrial staffing in Des Moines, and in Lincoln they're more on the construction/laborer side, so we also see this as an opportunity to offer something more,” Justin said.

When I hinted about his plans for the new location and whether they’re planning to change the name and branding, Justin offered a faint chuckle before answering.

“This is just Day 3 for me here, and I’m still trying to get a handle on everything. It’s kind of like baptism by fire,” he said laughingly. “But right now we’re keeping the Work-a-While name because it’s been around for 39 years, so we’ll have to see how it goes.”

As for TempWorks, David alluded to several mergers-and-acquisitions ideas they’re hoping to one day unveil, but for now he’s just glad they’re able to offer acquisition financing to their customers. If you’re interested, feel free to contact him directly at (651) 287-8340.

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