The other night I was watching an NHL playoff game -- a rare occurrence in and of itself. But then something else even stranger happened. I saw a national car commercial that actually mentioned temps. And not only did it mention temps, and show temps at work, as it were, but the entire platform and national ad campaign is actually labeled Temp Drive.  How cool is that? Or is it?

When I watched the 30-second spot the first time, I thought that it was kind of disparaging of the temp. The ad says Mitsubishi is hiring some temp replacements to do your work so you can go drive an Outlander Sport for an entire day. We see the happy test drivers cruising around, then cut to the shot of the temp back at the office as he places a plastic palm tree on what looks like to be a model of a house. At first I thought it was showing the temp just playing around, but after a second viewing realized he could be an architect continuing the work on an architectural model. Take a look and let me know your take.

Mitsubishi's "Temp Drive" campaign invites viewers to this online hub, where they can sign up for a chance to win a day off driving around in the vehicle - with a temp filling in for them at their places of employment.

And not just any temp. Mitsubishi has an opera singer, magician, DJ, librarian, meteorologist, and rocket scientist standing by to take the three winners' places at work.

"The TV commercial showcases what an ideal day off might be," said Grant Holland, creative director, 180LA, Mitsubishi's creative agency. "Next, we want to show what happens when people get a real day off."

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