Last week I wrote about a flawed article in the LATimes that sought to discredit the temp nursing industry, and this week a public radio station in Southern California took the story further.

Michael Weinholtz, board member of the American Staffing Association and President and CEO of CHG Healthcare Services, joined the show and did a great job maintaining calm in the face of an annoyingly anecdotal attack on the temp nurse industry.

I added my comments to the the public radio post:

Temp nurses face many practical hurdles with each shift - from the mundane of figuring where supplies are stored to the more complex like getting along with a brand new set of co-workers. The skills of temp nurses in my experience are at least the level of perm nurses, and they're often paid more as well.

They often work odd shifts and do wonders for making quality healthcare affordable by providing just-in-time service. Anecdotal evidence aside, the vast majority of established temp nurse agencies operate with the highest standards and are held to those standards by their clients and employees.

My software company supplies many temp nursing firms with compliance and web-based screening and credential verification systems. Imho these tools often work as effectively as the internal systems hospitals use.

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