Every job report out there shows demand for temporary help booming in the USA. 

But as for the cause, there is less agreement.   Is it an uptick in the business cycle?  Or is there something more to it, like a secular shift by employers away from hire full-time with all its incumbent benefits and legal responsibilities?

I see it more secular than cyclical.  It’s not just the changing preferences of employers though.   Sure they are running from commitments – the new healthcare legislation has made sure of that.  But we’re also seeing a flight of jobs back to the USA from India and China.   The HSBC China Manufacturing index fell precipitously this last summer, a reading confirmed by the China Federation of Logistics.

Those 100-mile traffic jams around Beijing, the red-shirts in Thailand, the rioters in Greece, the violence down in Mexico, the declining value of the dollar – all those things add up to a secular improvement for labor demand here in the states.

This is the most favorable time in the industry since 2004.  We’re seeing it at TempWorks: most of our clients are up 25% to 60% with some more than double.  Texas and the DC area continue to lead the pack.  Demand for online recruitment tools, time clocks, payroll services and funding has never been stronger.

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