The staffing industry should listen to and learn from its critics, but what has happened to our country that we have to fund them?

Hey staffing companies and temporary workers, how do you feel about bureaucrats and activists spending your tax dollars to denigrate your business and the work you do?

I'll tell you what I think about it - it sucks.   Here we are as an industry - staffing companies, their internal staff and their temporary workers - doing the grunt work of getting people into jobs, working those jobs, and helping people move onto better jobs, only to have our government confiscate our money via taxes to fund propaganda against us.

It may strike you as improbable that our government - any government - would go out of its way to attack its sources of tax revenue, but that is exactly what is happening with the taxpayer funded worker council, WNY, of New York.   

WNY is screening the Vice News film, Permanently Temporary, which purports to expose "overt threat of termination", "dangerous working conditions" and "blacklisting" in the Buffalo area temp industry.  After the movie, a taxpayer funded sociology professor will join the taxpayer funded activists at the taxpayer funded worker center to facilitate a 'panel discussion', presumably about taxpayer funded ways to keep staffing companies from doing business.

I tried to contact the organization's Outreach Coordinator, Marshall Bertram, who has written about the film, about the funding of his organization and so far have only gotten a response back from Dave Desalario, an anti-staffing activist, who evaded my questions about the funding while suggesting that it was the staffing industry itself that is funded by the taxpayer via worker entitlements.

Here was our exchange: