In the post, "The Top HR Goal in 2016? Recruiting, Retention and Engagement", Sharlyn Lauby of ITM Group wrote: 

"Employees are comfortable with making job changes. Talent shortages are increasing. Certain skills are hard to find. All of this points to increased pressure on human resources to deliver a talent strategy that will align with business strategy."

I summarized the points she raised in that post, which I find interesting:

  1. Pay attention to HR analysts;
  2. Employee engagement is at an 8-year low so it's high time to invest in their development, give recognition whenever due, and improve wages;
  3. Become an irresistible organization for job seekers;
  4. Engage in an employer-employee dialogue during performance meetings;
  5. Instead of an exit interview, try the "stay interview."

credits: HR Bartender