Jason Calcanis can be annoying because he says what he thinks Donald Trump style.  

Fortunately, that means sometimes he comes up with real gems, and in a recent post he has some great career advice for you aspiring game-changing-billionaires:

  • Teach everyone around you.  
  • Top three skills are sales, code and design.   Learn them.
  • Take on every project your CEO throws at you.

But my favorite and one I would do well to follow was on dealing with negativity:

The people who are killed, the deer, tend to huddle around the kitchen or go on cigarette breaks and bitch and complain about everyone and everything at the company. The tigers are too busy killing it to be bothered with such things.
If you see people crying and pouting walk away. Go back to work. Here’s the language:
Deer: “Bitch bitch, moan moan, blame blame, cry cry.”
Tiger: “Hmmm…that’s an interesting take on things. I gotta get shit done, good luck with that.”
You can always focus on t

Agree?   What do you think of Jason's other tips for success?