I’m not a disinterested party here.  TempWorks offers turnkey migrations from Bond and VCG to our 100% paperless staffing solutions.   So feel free to consider this analysis to be worth what you’re paying to read it.

Is the tail wagging the dog? 

This press release from Constellation Software gives that impression.  It makes clear where the money for Bond’s acquisition of VCG is coming from - and it ain’t from profits earned by Bond.image

Constellation’s strategy seems to mirror that of Peopleclick: doggedly pursue acquisitions to get big enough to cash in on the whopping market caps awarded to the likes of Taleo, Kenexa and Success Factors.

Honestly I just don’t get those valuations. Taleo for example has a valuation of $1.2 billion yet has consistently lost money over the last several years.  

Nevertheless, those valuations are what they are, and so if Constellation hopes in turn to get bought out by them well at least it’s clear there’s tons of money at the public equity trough to make that happen.

Meanwhile I’m happy as a clam that aside from snarky little posts like this that we at TempWorks aren’t mucked up in acquisitions and ‘synergies’ and can stay focused on customer service and innovation.

London here we come.

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