Wanted: thousands of parking attendants, waiters and waitresses, hosts and hostesses, security guards, limousine chauffeurs, shuttle bus drivers, customer service assistants, babysitters, massage therapists and food service workers. Apply online, or in person,  Super Bowl XLVI, Indianapolis, Indiana. Yes, able bodies, and staffing companies, are in high demand right now as Indianapolis businesses temporarily bulk up in preparation for the big game on February 5th at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Overall, the Super Bowl is expected to result in a total economic infusion of $384 million, according to projections by Michael Hicks, associate professor of economics at Ball State University.

Although experts say it will have little impact on Indiana's 8.7% unemployment rate, it will add $213 million in direct wages and 5,000 jobs.

Some of those are temporary, to support a bevy of Super Bowl-only events, but others could be permanent to meet expanding convention business spurred by the city’s global exposure as the Super Bowl host.

Regardless, many of the temps hired say they welcome the opportunity.

One woman who got a job as a banquet server for Indianapolis-based LGC Hospitality Staffing, says "it has really helped me a lot. I can have something in my pocket until I find full-time work."

"It has really helped me a lot. I can have something in my pocket until I find full-time work."

Glen Greenawalt, LGC’s executive vice president, says the company has a long history of hiring temporary workers for big events, including 13 Super Bowls. Greenawalt says they'll probably be hiring right up until Super Sunday, although many of the jobs they filled were for five or six weeks leading up to the game.

"The big demand area is going to be on the culinary side. Anything from a prep cook to executive chef and then for bartenders, there's an enormous need for that."

Here is how some of the Super Bowl super staffing needs break down:

LGC Hospitality Staffing: 1,000 temporary employees working in customer service, hospitality, event support, food service

Knowledge Services: 700 temporary workers in the guest services area

S.A.F.E. Management: 2,000 security officers for 5-6 weeks

MS Inspection & Logistics, Inc. Hired 900 associates to work downtown directly with the stadiums and the events and will continue to employ many people even after the Super Bowl

BCforward: 600 workers for 60 different types of jobs, ranging from parking attendants, to mobility assistants, admins and security

Triple Play Staffing is also supplying many temporary workers. They have had ads out on local Indianapolis sites for F & B workers, event managers, and hospitality staff.

Stafforward.com also has many job openings, including executive assistants, receptionists, clerks, paralegals, engineers, project managers, janitors and quality controllers.

The host city of the the upcoming Super Bowl isn't the only place with staffing concerns though. They're also thinking about a different kind of staffing issue back in New York state, as the New York Giants prepare to play in the big game again.

WSYR-TV is reporting that the Syracuse Department of Public Works commissioner is concerned about a repeat of four years ago when the Giants also played - and won - and about half the department called in sick the following day.

“There's not a lot I can do as long as they have sick time available. The gentlemen are very smart, they save their sick time so they know if they do want to call in sick after the Super Bowl they're usually covered,” said DPW Commissioner Pete O’Connor.

Have you ever been involved in staffing for a big event such as the Super Bowl? Is it fun? Insane? Worth it? We would love to hear about your experience.

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