We've been struggling with product names at TempWorks, a problem that comes from the disproportionate emphasis we place on development (30 of our 40 employees are incorrigibly dedicated software programmers) as opposed to marketing. As such we churn out new and improved products with ease, but basic product marketing stuff like naming confounds us.

This became painfully apparent to me last week in Ohio when I met with one of the first customers of our browser based front-end product. After talking with the client for 20 minutes, I realized that we had totally confused her with our internal product name, WebClient. This despite the fact she has used our core products since 1998. Ugh!

So, right now we're going through a cathartic search for a new name for WebClient. My current favorite is TWX. TWX rolls off my lips easily. It conveys with the letters 'TW' that it integrates cleanly into our core front and back office products, and the 'X' conveys the cutting-edge, revolutionary quality that the product certainly offers.

Here's a mini webcast of TWX. What do you think of it?

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