What makes a website visually appealing? Photos? Check. Blocks of color and text? Check. Logos? Check. Dropdowns? Check. But what would make a staffing website more visually interactive for both clients and candidates? Video!

StaffingTalk Creative Services is unrolling a new opportunity to embed customized video content within your staffing website. Our Creative Director, along with our web designers, would flow together text, purchased photos and/or video clips, and a voiceover touching on the highlights of your company.

Whether you do health or executive staffing or everything in between, we’ll focus on your particular niche in the market. Depending on your vision, however, there are two separate tiers of options.

The first option would be a 45-second video (approximately) that features purchased photos and a customized voiceover. Whether you want to gear it toward clients or candidates (why not both?) we can work with you to figure out what content would be most valuable.

In the second option, we would send a professional videographer to visit your premises in order to capture some unique footage (such as interviews or workplace walkthroughs) and photos of your staff to give it a personalized touch. This video would run about a minute and a half.

Either way, adding lively video content to your staffing website will engage your potential clients and candidates in an entirely new way. It will give a “face” (and a voice!) to your business. And since you’re in the business of people, that’s important.

Please contact Alex Vandeputte or a StaffingTalk sales representative if you’d like to view our sample video.


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