Your cousin’s best friend’s roommate makes websites for next to nothing, and that company you found in Google searches has made more than 100,000 sites and they promise a turnaround of one week. I know your staffing company is tempted to go that route. But if you do, I guarantee you’ll end up with a piss-poor product based on a bland template that does nothing to differentiate you from your competition.

What you really want is a web designer who knows staffing. They speak your language and they know what your visitors are looking for.

There are five staffing web designers on the scene right now: TempWorks, Staffing Robot, Haley Marketing, Walker Sands, and/or POP Interactive. These companies are the only ones (that we’re aware of) making websites specifically for staffing companies, and each is slightly different in their approach, aesthetic, and specialties.

1) TempWorks

If what you’re looking for is software integration, for instance, TempWorks is the obvious choice. Started by Paul Phipps (the designer and editor of this very site!), TempWorks’ Web Design flawlessly combines your website with not only TempWorks’ various software products, but others as well. Their completely custom-designed sites feature mobile capability for smartphones, SEO, copywriting services, an intuitive backend to update content on your own, and they host it for you.

“Considering what we charge for a site, our offering is really a sweet deal,” said Dave Schoofs, the lead website designer at TempWorks. “If you wrote down our laundry list of features including custom design and then shopped around, most places would start at $10,000 -- easy.”


The web design branch of the Eagan, MN software company has created sites such as Talent Advisors, All Health Staffing, SlingShot Connections, and Locum MD.

2) Staffing Robot

Staffing Robot is one of the newest, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have some serious chops.

“We try to do really high-end, creative things,” said CEO and founder Jason Lander. “A lot of staffing company sites look the same, like you could just slap a different logo on it and it’s out the door. But the sites we make, when you see them, you wouldn’t even know it’s a staffing company it’s so unique.”

The Portland-based firm spends a lot of time with each client to ensure the design, vibe, and purpose matches their mission. “We take the brand very serious,” Lander says. “It’s not just a logo.”

Staffing Robot also offers software integration and mobile options, but it’s their attention to detail on branding and aesthetics that sets them apart. Of course, that also comes with a price.

“We charge a lot for what we do compared to some places,” Lander said. “But you have to realize that a lot of places do templates that aren’t functional or unique. So, yeah, you can get a crap site for Wal-Mart prices, or you can come to us and get it right.”

Previous examples of work they’ve done include: Advanced Medical, Hospitalists Plus, Mighty Nurse, Rhino Medical, and Medical Solutions. “Medical Solutions is a big one we continue to get props for,” Lander said. “They really wanted to do something with social media, so we made their whole site a social hub. They went from 60 likes to more than 6,000 in less than a year.”

3) Haley Marketing

Started in 2004 and racking up roughly a hundred staffing sites per year, Haley Marketing knows their way around the block, so to speak.

“You want to deal with someone who knows your business,” says CEO David Searns. “Web developers typically aren’t trained to understand your business. Does that mean you can’t get a good website from them? Of course not. It just takes a lot longer because they’ll have to learn what you’re looking for.”

The New York company has a sliding scale in terms of cost (based on how involved/unique of a site you want), but will always save you time over an Average Joe Blow design firm. “We radically cut down on design time because we’ve already made a lot of the products and features they’re looking for, plus have experience with the softwares they use,” Searns said.

Having dealt with nearly every staffing niche and major market, one way Haley sets themselves apart is by knowing what your staffing company’s competition is doing. Unlike your run-of-the-mill web designers, Haley works with companies to ensure the text on their site sets them apart. This concept likewise extends to the realm of SEO (search engine optimization), as Haley chooses keywords that will help a client show up in appropriate web searches.

“Most designers don’t do anything with copy, they ask you to do it,” he said. “They don’t know how to differentiate the message of their client compared to the maybe five others working in the same market.”

Haley’s extensive portfolio includes: The CBI Group, All Medical, Real Street Staffing, Professional Staffing Group, Barnett Group, ACE Employment Services, TempStaff, and QPS.

4) Walker Sands

For several years Walker Sands Communications focused its website design services on the Chicago area. But business has been good, and with the opening of their San Francisco office they now offer web design for staffing companies across the nation.

They offer SEO, content writing, and branding/marketing services just like the others mentioned, but their materials specifically stress their content management system module. Walker Sands calls their content management system (or “backend”) an easy-to-use resource for companies to update and adjust their own content at will, without having to wait for a IT department to do it for them.

Walker Sands has made several sites, including companies like CLP and Spartan Staffing.

5) POP Interactive

While maybe not the most flashy company in terms of design, POP Interactive has made roughly 200 recruitment websites including MRI Network, UHC Solutions, Magee Resource Group, and SIS Inc. If there’s one thing this San Francisco-headquartered company touts it’s their “RAPID” cost- and time-saving approach.

They offer templates based on the sites they’ve made for Management Recruiters International, who they’re affiliated with, as well as site maintenance services wherein they help keep your site looking polished long after they’ve re-designed it for you.

There’s probably little reason to recap all the benefits of choosing one of these companies for your new website as opposed to the cheapo alternatives. It should be rather obvious. But if not, here’s one more plug from Searns.

“To me, the biggest reason to choose one of us is that it’s just a lot easier.”

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