The small ball - nimble, quick, interchangeable parts that can be plugged and unplugged - led the Kansas City Royals to their World Series victory, and the same thing is driving innovation decisions at staffing companies.

One thing I haven't talked about with Aida is that our clients have largely chosen to rely on Tempworks for its back office which Aida integrates with via the Tempworks API ( Application Programming Interface).

That API allows staffing companies to integrate their own cloud solutions directly with Tempworks back office services like payroll and W2/1095, all without reentering data.

Bigger companies like True Blue and large franchise operations of Manpower get the cloud as well.   Being aggressive when you're big is hard, but you can do it with well-defined yet interchangeable and secure components that sit on the public internet.

I'm really proud of the progress my son David and his team have been making with their API since taking over at Tempworks last year.   Check out this recent news item about how that is going.  

Best of all for me is that their success frees me to pursue embryonic stuff with Aida.  For example, this week I'm heading to a blockchain developer conference in London.   You can read more about what the blockchain means for staffing here, or for business in general from the Economist who calls it the trust machine.

I'm not a Royals fan, especially after what they did to the Twins this year, but when it comes to winning they've found the recipe.  Much like a good API, it's about adapting quickly.