This issue of Staffing Talk got prepped in advance as we are leaving first thing Friday to the blockchain (bitcoin) conference in North Carolina.

Here's why.  Everything about how we buy and sell things including how we pay workers and how we form contracts with our employees and customers is about to go through a titanic shift away from expensive, centralized authorities like banks and credit card companies to vastly more efficient and less expensive distributed systems that no one owns.

Some of you will scoff at the notion that bitcoin and its related solutions will have such an impact.   That's no surprise.  There are still people using landlines and fax machines and yet others wondering why their yellow page ads aren't bringing in the job orders like they used to.   

If you can make a living that way, have at it.

Myself, it bothers me that my software systems largely pay temporaries with expensive paper checks or paycards or at best expensive ACH solutions that the banks control.   It bothers me that a lot of these workers are foreigners that send part of their pay back to the home country with banks and financial services taking cuts of up to 10% as the case with one Nigerian friend.  It bothers me that big parasites - banks and the government and money-grubbing bureaucrats - exercise so much control over the process.

It's all so ripe for innovation and that innovation has arrived.  Here's another by my 

Some of you may also be wondering what the hell Gregg is ranting about this time.  Here is one fun video about a newlywed couple that tried to live off bitcoin alone.   For you that like to dig in, here is a great video by my Andreas Antonopolous, my favorite speaker on cryptocurrencies.

And finally for those wondering what Gregg and Aida have been up to lately, here is an interview of the inventor of Ethereum, the distributed smart contract platform we've been developing against.