In this post-conference message from a client, Tempworks got some great advice: 1) continue the customer interaction with a LinkedIn style online group, 2) focus on integrations with 3rd party products as opposed to recreating from scratch, 3) work harder on our mobile offerings.  

Melanie, It was a pleasure meeting you as well! Thanks for the heads up on the assignment restrictions. I’ll take a look at those this week. Also, if you don’t mind I’d like to list out some of the other items that came up during the conference. I think all of these were noted and written down during the various conversations I had with different TempWorks employees, but it might be useful to have them all in one place:  

Online User Group

I think quite a few customers would participate in some type of online forum. I believe a LinkedIn group would be the best place for this since most customers probably have a LinkedIn profile already. This also helps with the participation issue, since the customers do not have to remember a separate website and are usually on LinkedIn at some point during the day anyway.  

Call Em All Integration

We currently use the Call-Em-All integration quite a bit and are looking forward to the texting being added in r17. The biggest complaint I get from my users is on the documentation side. They would like to see messages being logged on the employee record when that employee is part of a Call-Em-All broadcast. At a minimum they would like to see a “Phone Call” message being logged but it would also be nice to capture the response as well. The response might be a little more difficult since you would probably want to tie it to a job order. Beyond that, being able to create a broadcast for a specific job, then have the responses for the job (i.e. 1 to accept 2 to refuse, etc.) actually create candidate records on the job order would be fantastic. Not only would it make it easier to keep track of who you need to call back based on the broadcast results, but it comes in handy for documentation on unemployment claims. I’m going to dig around and see what we can come up with for some Sql triggers, but the above improvements may be something to think about for 17R2 or 17R3.  

GL Additions

We do not currently use any of the backoffice features of Tempworks, but I agree with what Jesse [] said regarding your core business. Getting bogged down into trying to re-create a GL package could possibly dilute your other products. My thought is that concentrating on integration would be a better investment of your time. The email functionality in TempWorks kind of goes along those same lines. An Outlook plug in may be easier to maintain going forward as opposed to re-creating an email interface inside of TempWorks.  

TempWorks Mobile

I was a little concerned that I did not see any mention of any additions or improvements on the mobile side of things. I haven’t actually seen the current version of TempWorks mobile, so I don’t know if it is intended to be used by internal employees, temporary employees or both. I mentioned to your web guys that I would like to see a mobile friendly version of the job board and application. We have a large percentage of temporary employees who don’t have a computer at home, but they all have some type of smartphone. With the new texting integration for Call-Em-All, I would like to be able to text a group of employees a link to an open position and allow them to apply for that position from their phone. Also, our salespeople have been clamoring for a lightweight sales oriented app for their iPad and Android tablets that would allow them to access TempWorks on the road.  


The question of customization came up a few times and I’m not sure I got a definitive answer one way or the other. Are we able to create our own if we are self-hosted? Someone said we could as long as we had someone who could write the sql code, but what I was unsure about was how that data would be displayed. The display looks to be either something you have written internally or a 3rd party WPF plug in. We can get the data easy enough but I could not see how that data would be attached to the various charts, graphs, etc.   Ok, hopefully I haven’t bored you to death with my (somewhat opinionated J ) thoughts, but if you have any questions or need any clarification please let me know.   Thanks again!   [name withheld].

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