I did a post a while back about the one rule to creating a great staffing company, and I've been realizing ever since that it applies to software companies like mine too.

As evidence I'm offering the memo below which our VP of Account Management, Susan Wurst, put out a while back.  I could never communicate or organize that well.  I'm not qualified to even be on her team.   So I must be doing something right.

The note has to do with an upgrade to one of our main nodes that services 274 staffing companies.  Here's the memo:

We are excited about your upcoming TempWorks upgrade.  Many hours of hard work went into the enhancements that you will be benefiting from when you go live May 12th.  As a former recruiter, it is easy for me to see the productivity benefits that will be available to you.  Following are a few of my favorites:

Interview Questionnaire – The Interview Questionnaire feature allows you to set up Interview Groups with associated interview questions.  When interviewing a candidate, you can select the relevant groups for that particular candidate resulting in a set of questions displaying on the screen.  As you interview the candidate, you can record their answers which are displayed in an easy to read format and can be referenced at any time during future evaluation of the candidate.   The questions can be configured so the answers are entered as either free form text or you can create your own list of multiple choice answers.  Interview groups, questions, and answers can all be setup by you in the administration section.  I love this feature because it allows our customers to protect themselves by ensuring that their staff are only asking appropriate questions during the interview.  My favorite creative use for this feature is to create an Interview Group called “Interview Comments” with a series of multiple choice questions where the interviewer can record their evaluation of the candidate on categories such as grooming, attitude, etc.  The multiple choice options ensure that the comments associated with the candidate are pre-approved by your company.

Hot Lists – The Hot List feature allows you to easily classify employees and contacts into Hot Lists that you define.  Not only can these lists can be defined, saved and accessed easily, you will also be able to segregate top candidates with specialty skills and mass communicate with specific groups of contacts and employees all with just a couple mouse clicks.   From the Hot Lists, users can mass email, send to Call-Em-All, add tasks, view candidacy and employee details and much more.  I love this feature because it enhances your CRM capability in TempWorks by allowing you to keep active prospects in one place and easily add and delete prospects as your sales funnel changes.

Evaluations – The best measurement of how successful your placements are is for your employees and your customers to tell you.  The new evaluation system is an amazing tool to receive feedback.  Evaluation questions are setup by you in the administration area of TempWorks. You may set up the questions to be either free form text answers or a numeric grading system.  You can even define the numeric score that would prompt you to receive a notification that a poor rating was received on an incoming evaluation.  The request for an evaluation to be filled out is automatically sent at the close of an assignment via email.  One evaluation goes to the employee, the other to the customer. The recipient clicks on a link in the email and WebCenter is used as the tool to complete the evaluation and populate the results back in TempWorks Enterprise where you can view the evaluations from the customer and employee records as well as search on overall evaluation results.  This feature made my top three list because it is a great tool to use when considering candidates for future placements. It is also an amazing management tool to determine the quality of placements an individual recruiter is making and also helps with identifying potential problematic accounts.

Additional Modules – Based on customer requests we have added two modules to our suite of offerings.

The first is an integration with Monster’s SeeMore product.  The Monster SeeMore product is a repository of all your resumes that allows you to utilize their 6Sense technology to do automatic scoring and ranking based on job specific criteria.  It uses relevant skills and experience on the resume, not just keyword searches.   The associated Talent Dashboard provides valuable analytics including experience gaps and trends in your talent pools.  Working with our technicians, you can identify the criteria for which employee documents from TempWorks are automatically deposited into the SeeMore talent pool as well as how often the documents are refreshed.  We’ve enabled you to easily capitalize on Monster’s cutting edge technology.

The second module is our Applicant Center/HrConcourse.  The best way to describe it is a marriage of the Online Application and DocCenter delivered to you in a 100% web based platform.  A customizable intake work flow, along with a central repository in TempWorks for all candidates in the various stages of your onboarding process is a powerful tool.  Compliance is a key initiative for many of our customers, and Applicant Center ensures that this initiative is front and center of your everyday processes.  The onboarding documents are automatically attached to the employee’s record.  Can you imagine how useful this can be for high volume Healthcare enrollment forms processing?

In the coming weeks as you are attending the upgrade training webinars and practicing in your parallel database, I am confident that you too, will be excited about these productivity enhancements and will find many more that didn’t make my favorites list!

Susan Wurst

Vice President, Account Management

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