It’s now been more than 36 years since my dad and I first sat down at an early microcomputer and banged out our first staffing software app, a machine language thing for recording individual payroll records on magnetic cards whose primitiveness gave no indication of how software would transform our industry in the years to come.

In the decades that followed, we’d see little change from year to year, but over the course of each 10-year period, everything changed. Staffing software went from being a back office-only function in the 1970s to offering front office functions in the 1980s, full front-back integration in the 1990s, customer and candidates integration in the early 2000s. And as we make our way into the 2010s, staffing software is all about web services, popularly referred to now as the cloud.

Here’s the old-school/new-school smackdown on staffing software trends today:

Tax Filing

Old School – Generate reports from your staffing software, fill out government forms, prepare A/P checks, collate, pray and send.

Hot smile New School – Press a button. All done. The software calculates your taxes due the day they're due and automatically prepares all forms and payments necessary.

Credential Checking

Just kidding Old School – Staffing software captured hand-entered credentials and staffers manually followed up on them.

Hot smile New School – Automatically captured from the candidates profile, credentials instantaneously get web-serviced to credential check agencies who return results ASAP.


Just kidding Old School – Staffing software sends text messages to one or more candidates telling them about a job.

Hot smile New School – Software automatically captures candidate responses and schedules them for jobs.


Just kidding Old School – Maintain a database of tests and have reps record candidate test scores by hand for later review and searching

Hot smile New School – Let a testing service do all the work for you via a web service, much like McCormick takes care of the spice rack at Cub Food

Background Checks

Just kidding Old School – Hand-record background check requests and results.

Hot smile New School – Paperless interfaces with your favorite background check service. Candidates get placed faster; you win.

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