The Staffing World conference is getting set to kick off in Vegas and although I’m not much a fan of leaving home, I am a big believer in the American Staffing Association, its annual conference and its board.

The messages we bring to world – fluid labor markets, best practices in staffing, respect for job candidates – can do more for the betterment of humanity than any government program or charity.  It is a big deal.

Already, Workway, Monster’s Lisa Watson, People2o, BSIHires, Monster_Works, and Matt Charney have joined in the fray of the #SW10 twitter stream with a discussion of hash tags.

No doubt, social media will again reign as theme #1 for this year’s conference.  Just look at Mark Tothour board of directors.  Our chairman, Mark Toth, keeps arguably the most entertaining and educational blog on staffing and hr practices.  You can follow Mark’s tweet stream.  Kudo’s to his organization, Manpower (disclosure: many Manpower franchises are our clients), in taking such a leadership position for staffing in the social media space.

Myself I sent out the following message to my team who will be working with me at the TempWorks booth:

  • Close a deal at the conference and I do my stand-on-head-and-drink-beer trick
  • Hey Ms. Prospect, what does your 2011 income statement look like if you eliminate all back office overhead?
  • Other booths have software, Tempworks offers a long-term cost reduction, revenue growth and market penetration platform.  So when can we set up a meeting?

We’ll also be showing off our latest products, but if that isn’t of interest to you at least come by and say hi.  We’re giving away Ipads and other tchotchkes.

If we can’t make you a hero back at the office, we’ll try to make you one at home.

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