This is the hardest job i have had in my life and i am so sick of disappointing people and having them tell me anyone can do my job.

I recently posted a piece asking a not so rhetorical question about whether recruiters have an image problem. You can read that here. We received several comments in response to the piece, many of them along the lines of good recruiters getting tired of dealing with the fallout from the unethical behavior of a few bad recruiters.

Also in response to that piece, I received an email from a reader at an agency in Michigan. He is worn down from the constant criticism he seems to be getting at his staffing job. Anyway, I thought I would share it with you.

I have been a recruiter/staffing specialist for the past 5 years... yes, there is a high turnover rate and bad things happen to good people and I'm not saying everyone is treated fairly every time they deal with an agency -- but, please do not make the assumption it is a job anyone could do, something that I hear all the time -- the reason you see the turnover is because we are getting burned out -- this is the hardest job i have had in my life... and i have a good resume.

Every day i am disappointing someone, either a client because i did not find them the "perfect match", a candidate because i didn't find them a job, my boss because i didn't call enough customers looking for feedback or leads, ... my job entails, reports, interviews, sales calls, admin work up the wazoo, documentation, resume review, payroll processing and issues, HR issues, because after all if someone's unhappy they are my candidate.

Every day i am disappointing someone

Many applicants come to us thinking that the agency's job is to find them a job...let's face it, they're not making money off of you, they're getting money from the company they're doing the hiring for. The agency's job is to find the best, most qualified person for whatever open order they get.

i feel bad for the people coming in because honestly -- many of them don't have a stable work history and not enough qualifications and training --and they spend two long hours filling out paperwork and taking tests and are very hopeful that the staffing company is going to work hard at finding them a job.

We get calls everyday from people asking how the job search is going on our end...some people call everyday of the week asking if there's something available...even when i know there is something available or if i know that they're listed as a "do not use," i just simply tell them that we don't having anything available but that i can put them on our available list, because it's my job to do so...i can't tell them to not call us anymore because we're not going to find them a job...EVER.

anyway, the point i'm trying to make is we do have orders, but maybe only a few a week -- and i've got a database of at least 100 people looking and i'm getting at least a dozen resumes a day... so yeah, that is how many people i'm disappointing each day when i don't find them a job.

More fun than a barrel of monkeys? A picnic in the park? A laugh a minute? Hardly any of those things. But is this an accurate portrayal? Does this sound like your job? Some days? Every day? Never? Commiserate - and then comment.

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