Staffing World Show

Twitter is turning into a chatterbox about the upcoming American Staffing Association Staffing World trade show in Orlando October 20-23. You can monitor the talk yourself on this channel or with the Twitter hashtag #staffingworld like this.

Social Media Presentation at Staffing World

At the show, Jim Lanzalotto of Scanlon.Lois will be delivering a presentation on “strategic marketing."

I don’t know Jim, but from the looks of his program, it’s chock full of real-world experience on what works and what doesn’t, especially as it relates to social media and staffing.

Personally, I would have preferred his title be more Web 2.0-oriented than “strategic marketing,” which sounds like something out of the 1980s, but I have no doubt from reading his material that he gets it.

Take for example his advice on video clips:

Shoot videos and photos featuring your value proposition and post them to media sharing sites for increased visibility. Recruiters can give advice to jobseekers; temporary workers can give testimonials; hiring managers can provide case studies and/or testimonials.

Big amen on that, Jim … my video clips on YouTube are now at more than 23k views.

Twitter Overtakes LinkedIn as Favorite Recruiter Hangout

This is actually old news. I’ve been saying it for a few months but was getting serious push-back on it from some high-profile recruiters that worked a more traditional, Fortune 500 space than I’m used to.

Rather than wax philosophic about why the move to Twitter took place, I’ll just point you to folk I follow:

The Recruiting Animal. Animal also does a radio show each Wednesday. This is fast-track networking. If you’re easily offended, he advises not joining in. I agree.

John Sumser. John is an economist and an HR strategy guy more than a recruiter, but he’s a great writer and really good at pointing out useful resources.

The Devon Group. This is a PR agency out of the UK. They really get the recruiting and social media space and are fun to follow.

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