and one that is clearly winning the war for talent.  Their growth and profitability however haven’t come from a lack of concern for the environment nor for the efficiencies gained from green business processes.

They were one of the early adopters of TempWorks web portals and electronic invoicing technology that allow time approval without reliance on paper timecards and postage-free invoice delivery. image

"We are excited to complete this process, it will make payroll substantially easier since we won't have to manually calculate timesheets," reports Accounts Receivable Manager, Maria Bryan. "We've invested time, effort and enthusiasm in the product and we anticipate our clients will adopt the same attitude as well. In the long run it makes the whole payroll and invoice process significantly easier for everyone," gathers Bryan.

Jose Bordetas, CIO of Michael Page International, remarks that "we are looking forward to eliminating a lot of clutter and cutting many of the costs. The need for postage, paper [and] toner etcetera will now be gone, boosting our bottom line in the long run". He continues, "Going paperless enables us to do our jobs more efficiently. We are able to eradicate the manual work that goes into entering time cards and attaching them to invoices. We will be able to maximize the productivity of each employee."

"We are very conscious of the environment, and want to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible. Paired with the amount of time and money we are going to save, TempWorks Paperless is a good all around solution" states Bordetas.

"With the use of TempWorks paperless products, Michael Page is able to cut costs, improve efficiency, satisfy both employees and customers and help the environment all in one package" concludes TempWorks software developer, Kevin Prow.

"This project encompasses TempWorks' primary business goals for our clients, the elimination of superfluous staff and expense from back office operations," reasons TempWorks President, David Dourgarian.

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