In Part 1 we see how St. Louis based Professional Employment Group takes a candidate centric approach, innovating at each step of the process to help candidates find the right job faster.  Next week Part 2 will show the impact on the bottom line.
Professional Employment Group

Professional Employment Group eliminates paper employment forms with TempWorks DocCenter and finds that helping the environment reduces expense and saves time.

Professional Employment Group (PEG), an innovative, full-service staffing solution provider based in St. Louis, MO, reported increased efficiency and cost savings since implementing paperless form management software.

Katie Baker, Operations Manager at PEG, is always looking out for ways to improve processes for her clients. When she realized that voluminous paper application forms slowed down the process of getting great candidates to her clients, she began researching a variety of electronic document products. After a careful review she chose TempWorks DocCenter and quickly found success.

DocCenter electronically captures form data and signatures electronically and stores them on secure servers. DocCenter handles W-4s, I-9s and other standard documents, but end users can make the solution work with any document that requires data entry, signatures, and storage.

The improved process takes the drudgery out of the application and interview process. Candidates like it because it saves them time. Recruiters like it because they can focus more on the candidate during the interview. Candidates find the right job faster and PEG customers get great candidates sooner.

[PART 2 to appear next week]

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