U.S. temporary staffing revenue rose a median 10% year over year in February among staffing firms taking part in Staffing Industry Analysts’ monthly Pulse Survey.

“While a number of segments reported solid year-over-year revenue growth, healthcare staffing stood out as especially strong,” said Research Analyst Ziv Tepman. “Our indicator for recruiting difficulty also suggested growing competition for healthcare professionals.”

According to the report, median year-over-year revenue growth accelerated in the following staffing segments in February from January:

  • Travel nursing: to 38% from 21%
  • Per diem nursing: to 23% from 15%
  • Allied healthcare: to 22% from 7%
  • Finance/accounting: to 14% from 10%
  • Engineering/design: to 7% from 5%
  • Marketing/creative: to 13% from 12%

In many segments, temporary hiring and staffing revenue has been on the rise for some time.

But Susan Houseman, senior economist at Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, told CNBC in this report titled "For many Americans, 'temp' work becomes permanent," said the current pattern doesn't necessarily fit historic norms, and bigger changes might be afoot.

"Right now we're seeing something interesting," she said. "We've seen it surpass its previous highs, so it looks like there could be a structural shift going on, too. There's a reason to believe we might see some increase in the use of temporary help in general."

2.9 million people are currently working temporary jobs, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The temporary labor penetration rate — the percentage of the non-farm workforce employed by temporary help firms — has now reached near-record territory of 2.07%.