From the moment I stepped onto Herman Miller’s factory floor on a scorching Roseville, California, day in August of 1994, I knew my job to fix Manpower’s time keeping system was going to be no easy task.

Temporary employees were moving about rapidly from assembly to packaging to the loading dock, and the management staff back at Herman Miller’s headquarters were furious that Manpower wasn’t delivering accurate, timely department specific cost breakdowns.

Timeclock devices were breaking down.  Spreadsheets that tracked worker pay rates weren’t keeping up with changes.  And buddy punches and fraud would have been pandemic if not for the astute Manpower rep, Abby, who kept the workers motivated (and hydrated).

She also schooled me as the software provider on what I had to do make the end-client happy.    That was my and Tempworks' baptism of fire in the world of timeclocks.  Eventually we secured Herman Miller's satisfaction, and the relentless Manpower team continued to lock up the account nationwide.

Tempworks has come a long way since then, but for staffing companies looking to implement time clocks at client sites you still face a dizzying array of demands and choices. I hope this guide helps you navigate through them.

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