In a riveting WSJ op-ed Monday, Bob Funk, CEO of Express Employment Professionals, made the case, familiar to Staffing Talk readers, that jobs - better jobs - would be far more plentiful if the government would just let the free market work.

Funk's column garnered almost 500 comments largely embracing Funk's belief that "government rules and burdens add up, and they hamstring private enterprise, hinder job creation and reduce workers wages."

For decades, most businesses operated, innovated and expanded despite what was happening in the nations capital, or perhaps even oblivious to it. But now the goose that laid the golden egg is on the run. Free enterprise, which made the economy grow and produced rising wages for middle-income Americans, is under assault.

Too many policy makers evaluate new interventions, labor rules, wage laws, environmental regulations, only by what they hope to accomplish. They do not consider the consequences, the unintended effects, and the trouble that their policies will cause for employers and workers, especially when the burdens are placed one on top of another.

Funk's op-ed is a great read and a great contribution to our society by a member of our industry.