Actually, I’ve never seen that program, but it’s a fair bet that slime being slung over on the ccni.ob bulletin board is a threat to anything screenwriters can come up with:

"Around the first week of September 2005 Glenn sent his partner in the San Diego franchise (Bruce Donaldson) to fix the revenue problems in six of the seven Arizona branches. Bruce said he was given total and complete control of the region, except the Tucson branch run by Eric. He told me and the other branch managers not to worry about a thing as Glenn had given him total control to the point even Glenn could not override him on any issue. Glenn was not to go to any of the branches for any reason. In essence, Bruce told Glenn and the franchise office staff to butt out, as they were the reason Arizona was not as successful as it should be.

Bruce brought his San Diego branch manager with him to train us. I think her name was Michelle. She was awesome! She trained us helped us get new business. But the big change came almost immediately when Bruce promoted a fine young man named Ed to be the DM of Arizona (except Tucson). Within days, Eric got so pissed off that he called some of us and told us Bruce should have selected him over Ed, and that they were not to listen to Bruce, Michelle or Ed or they would get fired. Of course, we told Michelle and Bruce about all of Eric's pot smoking in the parking lot in front of the Tucson branch with the laborers. We told him how Eric was cheating the bonus system by paying some of his internal staff (CSRs) on in-house tickets to keep his payroll expenses down, thus driving up the bonus figures. Bruce thought that this was odd, as the P&L's never showed the large credits for all of that in-house payroll. I guess he must have checked the work ticket numbers and reported that and the other Eric transgressions to Glenn. I say that because Ed mysteriously resigns at the end of November 2005 and two weeks later Bruce and Michelle are sent back to San Diego.

At face value, I guess I sound like a disgruntled former employee. However, I did keep an email that Bruce sent to all of us when he left after just three months. If you care about numbers and making money then the numbers show that he brought his successful selling and management techniques with him."

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