Recruiting has been off-shored. At least, that’s the case if you judge by amount of phone activity as opposed to actual results.

From the New Yorker (a comment):

I do gigs in IT - as a software programmer. There seems to be a shortage of “experienced coders” across US – and pretty much across the world. This might be the only field where you can demand $80 to $120 per hour without a university degree, and you can be still in your thirties.

This does not mean we need “experienced coders” in millions, probably in the thousands. (Its a specialized field, no one can be “retrained” to become an experienced programmer.)

Now this shortage for coders reflects in better chances for support staff – like HR professionals who track down these coders. So we can assume HR professionals are in greater demand too.

And here is where things get interesting…9 out of 10 calls I get are from outside US. It seems HR has been outsourced – at least the first few layers – to cheaper locales. The reason could be the thin margins and competition…in a way its a “free market” situation.

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