The WSJ has a headline post up today "Soft Jobs Market Clouds Outlook".   This on the heels of Friday's weak jobs report.

Any of you out there in the staffing industry seeing it that way?

I sure don't.   Employers have been pelting my south Minneapolis suburb with help wanted signs.   And the rates posted on those signs go up each week as well.   Carlos, the guy who greeted me at the car wash where I dutifully brought my wife's car for Mother's Day says they're paying $14/hr for washers these days, and still they can't keep the people.   "Claro que tienen papleles," he says.

David Dourgarian, CEO of Tempworks, says staffing company volume is up  an average of 22.3% YTY at his payroll funding group.

A friend from Manpower keeps telling me that everyone is wrong about Obamacare being bad for staffing.   Making employers miserable is good for staffing, he says.

Looks like he is right - for the short term, at least.