Sometimes a blogger writes exactly what you are thinking, thus providing that great “aha” moment of shared empathy much like what you get from reading a great novel or getting a birdie on the same hole as your golf partner.

Such was the case for me in reading Paul DeBettignies’ post on the pleonastic hilarity of “Social Media Recruiters”.  It makes no more sense to call oneself a “social media” recruiter, Paul infers, than it does to be an “electricity-using recruiter”. Paul also decries the notion that a good recruiter can forgo the traditional skills:

“Job Board Recruiter” sounds absurd, right?
So does “Social Media Recruiter”.
The CEO forwarded on to me the recommendations about hiring a “Social Media Recruiter” which included:
- Facebook Fan Page experience
- Ability to create video
- Demonstrated ability to create a Twitter following

Absent from the job description were things like:
- Ability to cold call
- Qualifying candidates to required skill sets
- Experience in using job boards, LinkedIn, newsletters, RSS feeds, referrals, etc

It’s time to start talking straight although I wouldn’t go as far as Paul in invoking the four letter words whenever clear explanations prove difficult.

The truth is, pleonasms are often invoked in the staffing and software worlds.  “Rapid application development”, as if there were any other kind!  “Solution selling”, in a world of what, commodity selling?

“Nice post”, Paul.

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