We recently worked with a staffing company that had a few basic goals.

  • Create a social media campaign contest using photos
  • Run the campaign on Twitter and Instagram
  • Drive traffic back to their site

Seems easy enough, right? Turns out it wasn't so simple. There are plenty of social photo sharing apps out there. Many of them even let you run contests. However, we couldn't find anything that worked with both Instagram and Twitter, most we're complicated to use, and none of them let you post the photos on your own site. Game over, right?

Not exactly. What does a company with a talented development and marketing team do in this situation? That's right – we built it. We knew if there was nothing like this but it would drive massive value to our client, then certainly it would be of value to other companies in the staffing industry.

The results have been great. We have one happy customer that is now driving lots of traffic to their site with a fun way to engage with their customers.

The app is called Snappy. It's simple application that streams user-generated photos from Twitter and Instagram directly onto your website. It's simple to set up and you can use it to showcase events, display photo streams, or run photo contests.

We've set up a Snappy account for the American Staffing Association's Staffing World that will be held in Las Vegas next week. All photos from Staffing World posted to Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #staffingworld will display here: http://www.letsgetsnappy.com/staffingworld. If you're going to Staffing World, this will be a great way to promote your brand and see what's going on at the show. If you can't make it to Staffing World, viewing photos from the week will be the next best thing!

If you want to get Snappy running on your site or want to discuss a social media marketing strategy for your staffing company, contact Staffing Robot today and let's get started!

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