I was caught off guard this last week during one of my lead generation seminars when an attendee asked if Facebook should play a part in a staffing company’s social networking. “Gee, I don’t know,” I answered. “All I ever use Facebook for is to see what my daughters are saying to each other.”

Dumb, flat-footed, old-guy – I quickly got straightened out by some of the twenty-somethings here at TempWorks. They have little use for blogging, Twitter, Myspace. It’s all Facebook, Facebook, Facebook.  Facebook. Be there or be square, as we used to say.

Ok, show me what a business should do on Facebook, I challenged them. In less than 24 hours, here is what they came up with.

IMHO, this is a vastly better website than our domain website of www.tempworks.com.  Cleaner. More flexible. More transparent. More current. More active.

They shattered my opinion of Facebook as a walled-garden for teeny-boppers. The tools available in Facebook – free of charge – are hands down better then the many website development platforms I’ve checked out in the last year. Contrary to conventional wisdom, Facebook pages can be exposed publicly to those not already logged into it.

They woke me up to the fact that GenY, the people who popularized Facebook, are not in college any more. They are experienced candidates. They are hiring managers. They are business owners.

So, should your staffing company be on Facebook? Absolutely.

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