I switched to the iPhone 5 from Android a couple years ago and am due an upgrade via our corporate plan with Verizon that could get me into an iPhone 6 or, alternatively, one of the new top-of-the-line Androids.   

I have my own reasons for not staying with Apple (I don't like Tim Cook, for example), and I'm hearing from people like famed VC blogger Fred Wilson who recently made the Apple->Android switch that he's quite happy with his choice.   

He lists integration with the much improved Google calendar as a big plus for Android. At Aida, we run all our personal automation tools through Google's gmail platform, so I'm expecting that to be a big win for me too. I rely heavily on Google maps already, and it would be nice to get the tight integration of it with Google.

One thing that drives me nuts on iPhone is that I constantly have to re-enter my Apple password for even the most inconsequential app installs. The same goes for various sites I visit: where Android used to remember my credentials, the iPhone rarely does so.  I use a password app on my Macbook Air that I use mostly as a Linux substitute, but I find even that to be a bit of a chore as well.

One thing in the iPhone 5's favor is its size. I like how it fits in my hand, and I carry it around everywhere. I see my kids who have big Android's fumble with its form factor, and I suspect I would even more awkward with it.

I guess when I add it all up I'm convinced to make the change, and it's only the pain of change that is holding me back.   

But maybe I'm missing something. Is there anyone out there that has made the switch but regrets it? Please let me know your thoughts.