If you follow the fast-moving world of internet fads – like memes, viral videos, tumblrs, etc. – you’re probably aware of S***  (blank) s Say. This particular fad started in 2009 when an unemployed comedy writer started the Twitter feed $#*! My Dad Says, which quickly swelled to 3+ million followers, led to a book deal, and a short-lived CBS show. (That’s right, a Twitter feed became a TV show.) Another famous entry in this trend was the Twitter feed-turned web video series Shit Girls Say (which is also now a book).

Anyway, we’re obviously a little late to the game on this bit of news, but this fad officially hit the staffing industry last year. And while it’s certainly not as well-followed or -executed as the previous two examples, it’s at least mildly interesting.

It appears to have started with a YouTube video from last spring:

Then it spread to a couple Twitter feeds:

And a blog (since abandoned):

And a tumblr:

We have no idea if these web entities are connected or emerged independently of one another, but it’s a pretty weird phenomenon no matter how you slice it. It appears as though the content on them was created partly by job-seekers bitching about bad recruiters, and possibly it’s some recruiters making fun of themselves and/or the bad ones they know.

Regardless, it’s not a very flattering picture. And also, it’s only occasionally humorous.

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