I know sometimes it seems like background checks are a pain. But a recent story from Evansville, Indiana reminds us that all it takes is one person to severely damage the reputation of your firm.

A registered sex offender, Benjamin Dewayne Judson, was arrested on multiple charges, such as inappropriate communication with children, battery and failing to register.

What was he doing?

The staffing company hired him to be the mascot for Bunny Bread. You read that right. Of all the jobs that could have been given to Judson, it was a job where he would be dressed up as a bunny, entertaining children.

At an event he was working, he allegedly touched a female co-worker inappropriately. The cops were called. They found out who Judson was and threw him in jail.

For one, he's not allowed to work around children because he's a registered sex offender. Surely he knew that and it explains why he didn't register his new job --which he is required to do no matter what job he takes.

The police department stated that the staffing agency had not done a full background check. Surely if they had (assuming no fake IDs were used), all of this would have been avoided.

Seriously, don't let this happen to you. Run a background check every time -- even if your customer doesn't require it. It may cost a little more, but that one background check you skip could be the one that comes back to haunt you.

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