Is selling staffing like selling sex? Admit it. You’ve wondered. You’ve even read some of the not-so-diplomatic comparisons.

Whether we like it or not, the answer is ‘yes.’ There are actual staffing firms in the sex industry.

And really, they’re just like us: they’re seeking to pair job-seekers and employers in matrimonial bliss.

Check out It launched in March 2011, and gained more than 50,000 clients and staff in its first month.

No doubt this has to do with its noble sense of purpose.

“The reason why is so successful is because of the positive messages we promote,” says Brandon Wade, who founded, “such as finding romance, taking a chance, respecting one’s time, and knowing one’s self worth.”

For staff – females only – offers a convenient way to supplement one’s income. As an added bonus it enhances one’s private dating life, too.

(One small detail here, just FYI: it’s certainly preferred if one happens to be already working in the adult entertainment industry.)

For its clients, provides a much-needed way for “rich, generous guys” to find dates. I was wondering when someone was going to address that.

Another great thing is the pricing structure.

Clients simply choose their “employees” online and make a payment offer. The staffer either rejects the offer or accepts it and provides the services. You can’t deny that this is much more sublime than all the calculations we use to figure out stuff like base pay, variable pay and non-commissioned bonuses.

As a staffing firm or recruiter, you also can’t deny how much you hear lately about “work-life balance” from recruits. So you shouldn’t dismiss the obvious benefits of phone sex staffing.

According to Symmetry Concepts, a phone sex staffing firm, the minimum time commitment for a phone sex operator is only 25 hours per week.

And think about this: the potential client base is huge. If your recruits are female, 21, and have a quiet room with dual Internet/phone connection and three-way calling, they’re set to go.

All they need to do is sign a W-9. Payment is 50 cents per minute over a 10-minute minimum. Simple. I couldn’t help but notice that they only hire women. Isn’t this some form of discrimination? What if a guy has a really effeminate voice and can do the job better than women? Take Glen Peterson, for example. “He’s a dude’s dude who really knows what a dude wants to hear when he’s imagining talking to a chick.”

If you’re more of an equal opportunity employer, Meg PSO Staffing has you covered. This one hires both men and women. They only need to be 18, and all they need is a phone, an email address and a 1099 to be an independently-contracted phone sex operator.

Wait: I stand corrected. They’re not phone sex operators here. They’re phone actresses and actors.

Along with the fancier titles comes a fancier fee scale: keeping clients on the phone for up to six minutes earns the actor/actress seven cents a minute. The pay goes up each minute from there and tops out at 40 cents per minute for 10 minutes per call or more.

I’m not sure what the going rate is for one minute of commercial phone time, but I’m thinking that’s a nice profit margin.

Another thing: staffing firms are always struggling to keep up with technology. The smart phone is crucial now. You have to be able to view resumes, manage transactions, and monitor accounts while on the go.

That’s true for the sex industry, too. In fact, on or about June 1 we’ll see SugarSugar, a mobile app for the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry that makes those discrete arrangements between “sugar daddies” and their favorite staffers very mobile indeed. This fine product is brought to you courtesy of, “where romance meets finance.”

There are even real, honest-to-goodness job boards in the sex industry, such as the one on (we’ll spare you the direct link here). It features a whole range of real jobs including Internet model, DJ, sales/marketing professional and webmaster.

Staffing in the sex industry isn’t a whole lot different than traditional staffing. Heck, they’re not even selling sex per se.

As it clearly states on one Chicago-based escort site, “Sex/prostitution is illegal, our services are strictly outcall entertainment/escorting.” Mmmmkay?

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