Seth Godin gets a lot of things right about marketing. I read him religiously.

But he doesn't quite nail "follow through" ... at least not in golf, although the same concept applies in business and personal relationships.

Godin's slippery slope in fact explains very little.

The importance of follow through is in no way diminished by the fact that the ball left the clubface. A good golf swing winds the spine over a stationary pelvis, generating torque and a release of energy involving the arms, wrists and all manner of muscular movement and mental calculation. You must devote mind and body to "follow through" for the other parts of the swing to work.

Same goes in life. You can't just love your wife without the follow through. "Honey, it's your birthday, and I wanted to tell you I love you" is a start, a great back swing if you will. But you'll go OB if you follow it up with, "My love is so deep, I didn't want to cheapen it by buying you a gift."

Additional, no-charge marriage tip for you guys: Great follow through also includes avoiding other women, taking the garbage out without being asked and restoring the toilet seat back to its proper state.

In the staffing software business, follow through is everything. Every year, I see a half-dozen or so new companies come and go. They get a great start with financing from an early adopter, often a relative in the staffing business. They have no installed base which lets them grab onto the latest platform for development.

It's all great creative fun - for a while. Then it's upgrades, support, documentation, expensive sales and marketing, feature creep, hiring/firing and fatigue. Failure to follow through sends them into the chasm.

Staffing is no different. We're lucky at TempWorks to visit frequently with the most succesful staffing companies in the industry, and it's plain what the common factor is in their success: passion on following through for their clients on getting great people.

Godin could learn a lot from them.

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