Kristin Zhivago tells it straight:

Let's assume someone really good-looking swept you off your feet with promises of a life of bliss. You dated, got engaged, and then tied the knot.
About five minutes after you left the church together in your limo, your new spouse suddenly turned into the ugliest, meanest, rudest person you had ever met. A broken heart and many months later, you were free, and you vowed to yourself: "Never again."
This is the mindset of today's software buyer. Especially those considering big-ticket, enterprise-wide programs.

So what would Kristin have us do about this sad state of affairs? She suggests some sound if common advice: keeping promises, focusing on the prospect's buying process, and showing you care - all great ideas for business improvement for sure.

But I'm left thinking that in fact the situation is worse than Kristin suggests. There is no second marriage with enterprise software. Love of business software is dead. Buried deep in the ground. Dead, dead, dead. Anyone still trying it is on their last gasp.

The good news is that there has never been a better time for a business service rooted in solid software execution. When you can provide as TempWorks does in staffing not just elements of the technology stack but a complete business process across the technology stack, you have the makings for an outstanding business.

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