Candidate engagement dominated everyone's mind at last week's staffing conference put on by TempWorks in Minneapolis (see video below). 

That's no surprise to those of you in staffing. My bet is that you're in the business you're in because you long ago realized that getting the right people on the bus constitutes the biggest driver separating success from failure.

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What I've learned, though, in several decades of building online candidate portals, is that the secret to success lies in the last mile, the last 10% of the process. That's where you, the HR/staffing expert, gets down and dirty with your hiring managers.

That last mile is not about technology. It’s about determining business goals, tightly defining job requirementsand identifying ideal candidate profiles. Yogi: “If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.”

I'm super proud of the strategy that our CEO, David Dourgarian, set out for our client engagement tools, particularly the new release of HRCenter. He's been working with incredible clients, including global recruiting giant CPI and tech recruiting leader Kavaliro, on engagement tools. I have them to thank for pushing the envelope on what's possible.   

For David and our newly-minted EVP Casey Kraus, it's about making our client the hero. It's about designing candidate software so well that non-technical recruiters and staffing professionals alike can create the innovation for end client success.

Our CTO Paul Czywcznski lays out the technical details about one minute into the video:

P.S. A special thanks to our VP of Account Management, Susan Wurst, for another great TempWorks event