I like to write about social media – blogging, search engines, viral videos – but the reality is that despite its predicted demise, traditional media like newspaper and TV still get many times the eyeballs. Staffing companies that can leverage that media with free PR have a leg up on everyone else.

Here are a handful of observations on why television and newspaper reporters turn to Mike so readily:

  1. He’s funny. Let’s face it, most business people are total bores. We don’t get funny. We don’t work on it. We consider being funny unlearn-able. Not Mike. Ever since I can remember, he’s worked hard on impersonations, joke telling, stand-up comedy and working a crowd. He studies Jim Carrey like I study software heuristics. It’s hard work, and he does it.
  2. He’s empathetic. Mike understands job candidates. When you watch him on TV talking about how to go about getting a job in California’s beaten-down economy, you realize that he empathizes 100% with the job seeker.
  3. He’s handsome. OK, he’s got some genetic advantage here, but he’s always dressed right for the occasion. He’s somebody the TV people want to put on the six o’clock news because he looks like the authority figure people will listen to. It’s not just the dress, it’s how you stand, how you hold your head – just ask Susan Boyle.
  4. He tells stories. I think he learned this first from our father, but again, it’s something he works very hard at. Storytelling entertains.  When he tells a story about how an unemployed single mother got a great job, people feel good about themselves. The TV anchors love it too, and repeat the story on the late news and the next morning news as well.


The bottom line here is that the skills for killer PR are learn-able. The people like Mike who are really good at it got that way because they wanted it and worked hard at it. If you get good at it, you too can generate demand for your staffing business with great PR.

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