When searching, I sometimes become frustrated if the record I’m looking for doesn’t show up – there are several reasons this may be happening.

• When running a search your first step should be to Clear Criteria. TempWorks remembers the last criteria you have searched and will assume you want to continue to use that criteria. Clear Criteria can be found in the upper right of the search forms:

• Check your All/Active buttons to make sure they are set correctly.  The Active button will allow you to search through Active vs. Inactive Records.  The All button will vary depending on the area you are searching through these may mean:

- Employee – All/Assigned/Unassigned

- Order – All/Unfilled/Filled

• Using the Wildcard allows you to search for characters you are unsure of.  The Wildcard is the % sign.  Use this to fill in the characters which are unknown to you.  For instance:

- If looking for someone whose last name ends with all, when searching key in “%all”. This will bring back everyone who has the letters “all” in their last name:

*Note: When using the lookup features you automatically get a “free” Wildcard at the end of what you key in. For instance, keying in “Mar” in the Last Name field, your results will include all people whose last name starts with Mar.

• Lastly, two common “human errors” I see:

- Check to make sure the first and last names have not been transposed. For instance, if it is John Smith you are looking for and are having trouble, try looking up Smith John instead.

- Check to make sure there is not a space before the first letter in the word you are searching. One way to check your database to see if any of these exist: look up all records and see if your first record does not start with A. In the example below, there is a space before the name Zadia allowing it to be displayed before people whose last name starts with A.

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