I don't know her personally, but she bailed me out of a jam installing the latest release of Maidsafe today.

Maidsafe is an Ethereum-like variant on the decentralized web where you can create businesses and apps that no centralized authority like the government or Uber or Google can wrest control.

And it's a very promising one.   Maidsafe ranks pretty high on the coin market cap charts, and I've spent the day reading through its recent new release documentation and trying out some sample apps.  

Catch the spirit from Maidsafe's founder:

MaidSafe's aim is to provide privacy, security and freedom to everyone on the planet. This has been our unwavering ambition since we started on this journey in 2006, and it remains our driving force today.
Online data has become so insecure and data thefts so commonplace that our trust in companies securing our data is almost entirely eroded. An estimated 1.1 billion personal and sensitive records were stolen during 2014 with 8 incidents reported every single day. A new way of managing data is required, and MaidSafe combines several features that we believe provide a level of security not possible using existing methods.

MaidSafe, although not a blockchain technology, is comparable in spirit and often in purpose to Ethereum, a blockchain technology that bills itself as the Earth's computer.   I do find it much easier to get started development-wise with Maidsafe than Ethereum, although that has a lot to do with how clear the Maidsafe documentation is.  

Both Ethereum and Maidsafe are vastly easier to create solutions than the wretchedly complex alternatives via the bitcoin blockchain.  (Disclosure, I am invested much more heavily into Ether than Bitcoin).

If you're a developer, give it a try.  If you're an investor, it's hard not to think about including these post-nationalist investment vehicles.

It's a bit humbling to get schooled by someone who doesn't look old enough to be your granddaughter, but I'm happy Paige stepped in and got me straightened out.   

I wish her success on the decentralized web.