It seems everyone is praising Steven Korman for his exhortation to fellow CEOs to avoid layoffs done in the name of "the bottom line." Pardon me for expressing disgust for his sanctimonious rant, which would have made much more sense as a blog post or email, thus saving tens of thousands of dollars that could have been donated to a food shelter. Here’s my response to him:

Dear Mr. Korman

Your generous words have not fallen on deaf ears, but having lived in the Soviet Union and now in an increasingly socialist United States I am compelled to call you out for hypocrisy on one front as you cling to the vestiges of privilege and wealth yourself but more importantly on the unsoundness of your ideas.

Labor fluidity and not sanctimony have made it possible for America to be the land of opportunity where people to work at jobs they are good at and which pay well. The industry I market my products to, temporary staffing, is the primary onramp to employment for the most marginal of our society, and it is they and their desire for profits and not socialists like Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama that make those opportunities happen.

I call upon you to atone for your shameless sanctimony by selling immediately all your worldly wealth and giving it to the poor for God will judge you by your actions and not your words.


Gregg Dourgarian

CEO, TempWorks Software

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