[caption id="attachment_36433" align="aligncenter" width="539"] Scott Adams is on the right track about the creative class, but engineers have quite a lot of runway ahead of them, thank you[/caption]

One highlight of my trip to California was to meet up with my nephew, a freshly minted engineer from Cal Berkeley whose day job is with a venture backed San Jose company that is reinventing transmissions and has contracts to replace the aging, noisy ones on garbage trucks.

Meanwhile at night he's working with yet another venture backed company that is creating a product that teaches people how to do 3d printing.  With 3d as one of the hottest growth areas today, I can only imagine a great future for anyone teaching it or teaching teachers about it.

Along with new teaching jobs, we're also starting to see the emergence of a new creative class.

My prediction is that a new class of teachers and creatives will emerge as the huge job generators in the decades to come.  These jobs will be all the more reasonable to live off of as prices on everything continue to plummet.

I'm not saying that come 2030 that engineers and software developers won't be in strong demand, but we will be surprised at the kinds of creative and teaching jobs that come along as well.


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